Formerly Be Whole. Be You.


Hello! My name is Lorie Yarro. I started this blog as a way to share some of my own personal experiences along this journey of figuring out how take care of ME. Most of my teen years and my twenties were spent in constant battle with my body and my relationship with food. My life was consumed by the need to have the “perfect” body. No matter how thin or lean I became, it was never good enough. I was constantly worried about calories and overexercising.  The day came when I realized that this way of living was not living at all. I was exhausted and unhappy.

I happened upon the book, Big Girl by Kelsey Miller and the podcast Food Psych with Christy Harrison. The two of these resources introduced me to the concept of Intuitive Eating. In listening more and more I realized that my life was run by food rules and furthermore, that was not living at all. So I picked up the book Intuitive Eating and it changed EVERYTHING.

I will be honest, in a world where diets are the norm, throwing out restriction and rules around food is SCARY, but I have found more freedom than I ever imagined possible. I began living by only one rule:

“I can eat whatever I want.”

In living by this one “rule” if you can even call it that, I felt more in control around food than ever. I was free.

lemons + zest is my journey through it all. It is my own ups and downs, my own story, and how I am maneuvering a life without diet mentality in a world living on diets. I am not a professional, I am not here to give any from of medical advice, I am just living proof that it can be done!

My recipes are simple and delicious ways to find joy in the kitchen and I hope you enjoy them. I also am a recent adoptive mother to the best little boy in the world, so feel free to check a little more out of our journey to Sam.

Thanks so much for being here!