Formerly Be Whole. Be You.


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Hello! My name is Lorie Yarro. I started this blog as a way to share some of my own personal experiences along this journey of figuring out how take care of ME. Most of my teen years and my twenties were spent in constant battle with my body and my relationship with food. My life was consumed by the need to have the “perfect” body. No matter how thin or lean I became, it was never good enough. I was constantly worried about calories and overexercising.  The day came when I realized that this way of living was not living at all. I was exhausted and unhappy. 

And so this journey began. I started making changes in my life beginning with what I was eating. I got rid of all of the magical “calorie free” or “low calorie” foods loaded with nothing but chemicals.

Not only did I make a change in the area of food, but also in the form of exercise. For years, exercise was nothing but a means of burning calories. My way of thinking was “the more you burn, the more you earn.” So if I didn’t work out on a particular day then it was not good news. When I started practicing yoga, this all changed. I started to see my body in a whole new light. It started being more about what my body could do and what I could learn from my body and less and less about what my body looked like. This was unlike anything I had ever experienced. So much, that I completed my yoga teacher training and started teaching to share this life changing practice with others.

Through yoga, my spirituality and my own faith, I have become more mindful in my everyday life. This has brought me closer to the truest and best version of me. I have gone through some tough times over the past several years, but I have also had some amazing things happen to me. The practice of gratitude and presence help me along the way.