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Tiramisu Hot Fudge Sundae

Tiramisu Hot Fudge Sundae

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Ladyfingers, espresso infused hot fudge, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream–oh my! This Tiramisu Hot Fudge Sundae going to be the perfect sundae to kick off your summer!

Ice cream is my FAVORITE dessert in the whole wide world. On any given day, we have at least 4 different kinds of ice cream in our freezer. It is a MUST in our household and it’s Anthony’s favorite as well, we are a match made in heaven, right?!So clearly, partnering up with Blue Bunny and Reddi-wip to kick off summer with sundaes made perfect sense!

If you could turn your favorite dessert into a sundae, what would it be? Tiramisu is the dessert Anthony and I get every time we eat at an Italian restaurant. Doesn’t that sound amazing as a sundae then?? But when it comes to sundaes, I am somewhat a classic girl. I prefer either hot fudge or caramel. Vanilla ice cream, plenty of sauce, a generous amount of whipped cream beautifully spiraled and a nice cherry on top. Buuuuut, when I hear the word ‘Tiramisu,’ I am all yours. So forget the classic, let’s get this party started and kick off summer with a bang this year!

How do you turn Tiramisu into a Sundae?

It’s actually super duper easy–in fact, if you are into the sundae bar trend, this is an easy one to set up for your next party. Grab some lady fingers, your favorite hot fudge sauce, espresso powder, cocoa powder, maybe some dark chocolate covered espresso beans or coffee beans to garnish and then the ice cream and whipped cream and you are all set. Then it’s a matter of putting together all the perfect layers and digging in!

I was able to grab everything I needed at my local Walmart, which I may be a bit biased, but my Walmart is the best one around. I started going to it a few months ago and was so impressed by everyone there–several employees asked if I needed help finding things as Sam and I went in and out of aisles, there’s a HUGE self checkout section which I love, aaaand at checkout, the sweetest woman plays with Sam while I am trying to get everything together. I was not shopping much at Walmart at all until I started going to this location and am really glad I found my store.

I am a big vanilla ice cream fan, and Blue Bunny’s price as well as flavor is right for us–give in to the bunny, right?! And Reddi-wip is an essential in our house at ALL times. I love the real cream–add a little and enjoy a lot! Like I have always said, I am only ever going to work with and share brands that I love, so you can be sure I wouldn’t lead you in the wrong direction. And this sundae is the perfect marriage of these two–the sundae they were meant to be a part of!


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Tiramisu Hot Fudge Sundae

Make a sundae for yourself or set up an entire sundae bar for a fun twist on everyone's favorite.

Servings: 1
  • 2 scoops Blue Bunny Vanilla Ice cream
  • 2 T Hot fudge sauce, heated
  • 1/2-1 tsp espresso powder
  • 4 ladyfinger cookies
  • dollop of Reddi-wip
  • 1/2 tsp cocoa powder (optional)
  • 4-5 chocolate covered espresso beans (optional)
  1. After heating hot fudge, mix in espresso powder and stir well to dissolve.

  2. Spread half of the hot fudge at the bottom of desired dessert dish. Break three of the ladyfingers into pieces and place on top of the fudge.

  3. Dust lady fingers lightly with cocoa powder and top with ice cream.

  4. Spoon remaining hot fudge on top of ice cream and add dollop of Reddi-wip. Break the final ladyfinger in half and add on top along with a dusting of cocoa and a few coffee beans or dark chocolate covered espresso beans and enjoy!

Ladyfingers, espresso infused hot fudge, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream--oh my! This Tiramisu Hot Fudge Sundae is going to be the perfect sundae to kick off your summer! #ad #MySummerSweets #reddiwip #bluebunny #sofab #sundae #tiramisu

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