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Triple Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats

Triple Chocolate Protein Overnight Oats


Someone pinch me. Please.

It’s Wednesday afternoon. I’m sitting on the couch and I’m staring at my whole world. I just can’t believe this is true, real. This is my life. And suddenly all the years of pain, loss, and agony are gone. Wiped away completely.

And all because of you, Samuel Noah.

This precious angel is ours, OURS. I want to tell you everything. I want to share him with everyone I meet. I will, but that post will take much more time and I want to make sure the first time you meet him is perfection obviously.

Just know we are home and we are so happy.

I cannot begin to thank you all for your support, love and prayers throughout this journey from loss, miscarriages, fertility treatments and then adoption. The heartache and the loss never made sense until the moment I laid eyes on Sam. I was meant to be his mommy. And he was meant to be our everything.

I will bring you so much more of his birth story (including pictures!), the anxiety, the tears, all of that soon, but for now, all I can say is thank you . Thank you so very much. xoxo

Naturally the introduction to our son must come with one of my very favorite recipes. So overnight oats are a no brainer of course! Once we get in a groove here, there will be plenty of these bad boys in the fridge so I won’t have to think about fixing breakfast in the morning at all.

Triple Chocolate Overnight Oats. Overnight Oats just got even better with chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate! Wholesome oats and chocolate for breakfast!

You all know my obsession with these. Check out the list of flavors I have over on the Overnight Oats Recipes page if you are newer here or if you just need some new ideas for other flavors!

I obviously decided that double chocolate was not enough on this one. And to be fair, there is a way for you to make this quadruple chocolate, but that may just be a bit overdoing it—or the name ‘quadruple chocolate’ doesn’t quite roll of the tongue quite the same, ha. True story! Anyway, the chocolate comes at you in the form of cacao, chocolate chips and chocolate protein powder. Single, double, triple action! Feeling crazy?! You could add some cacao nibs–oh and even some chocolate almond milk (or any other milk you like, that’s just what we use.)–now we are just getting out of hand!

As for protein powder, any chocolate protein powder is fine. I like to use pea protein and Bob’s Red Mill has one that I use a lot. There are so many out there so find the one you like and go with it! To be honest, the oats, milk, and chia seeds already pack in a lot of protein so the powder is icing on the cake–the chocolate cake that is! So tonight, save yourself some extra time in the morning by throwing these oats together and then you will be all set to have chocolate for breakfast ready to go in the morning!

Triple Chocolate Overnight Oats
Prep Time
5 mins
Servings: 1
  • 1/2 c rolled oats
  • 1/2 c plus 2 T unsweetened almond milk or milk of choice
  • 1 T cacao powder
  • 1 T chocolate protein powder
  • 1 T dark chocolate chips or cacao nibs
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 1-2 tsp pure maple syrup or honey
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • Dash of sea salt
  1. In a small jar or bowl mix together all ingredients well to combine.
  2. Seal closed and chill overnight or at least 4 hours.
  3. If too dry when ready to eat, add another tablespoon or so of milk.
  4. Eat warmed or straight from the fridge!
Triple Chocolate Overnight Oats. Overnight Oats just got even better with chocolate, chocolate and even more chocolate! Wholesome oats and chocolate for breakfast!


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